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Notary Journal Log Book†† / Notary Journals/ Notary Log

Most states require notaries to keep and maintain an official notary journal recording the details of each notarization performed. The entry in the Notary Log Book should include the date, the type of notarial act, the type of document, date of document, the name, address, and signature of the individual for whom the notarization was performed, the type of identification used, and any other information prescribed by the secretary of state were you are commissioned.

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An Official Notary Journal is a bound book designed specifically for this purpose. They may be

obtained from 2 online reputable vendors. Notary Super andAmerican Notary Supply. There are different formats available; you may choose whichever you prefer as long as the pages are numbered and the book is designed in such a way as to prohibit any alteration or modification of the pages. You may not use a loose-leaf notebook, and some state still do not recognize an electronic type record.

Standard Information for Notary Record Keeping / Notary Log Books

  1. The date of the notarization;
  2. The type of notarial act performed;
  3. The type of document;
  4. The date of the document;
  5. The name, address, and signature of the person for whom the notarization was performed; and
  6. The type of identification used.

The most important and critical element of the journal is the signature of the person for whom you are performing the notarization, along with the personís printed name and address. That one single element provides conclusive proof that the signer was physically present to the notary when the document was notarized, and is the most effective tool notaries have to protect themselves against becoming the victim of fraud or having to defend themselves against claims of fraud.

Notary Journal Template / Notary Journal Sample

Notary Journal Record Keeping and Privacy

The information that notaries are required to keep in the Notary Journal should not be of a nature to violate the privacy rights of the signers. State privacy laws will vary but in general specific information regarding the identity of the signer, such as license numbers, social security numbers, or birthdates should never be entered into the notary journal. The journal should state the type of identification used ñ i.e., ìdriverís licenseî, ìpassportî, ìpersonal knowledgeî, etc. Many journals on the market have space for additional information not required by your states law. Notaries do not have to include any information not statutorily mandated; however, if a notary chooses to include the signerís fingerprint or contemporaneous notes pertaining to the specific situation, that is acceptable.

You may include other information regarding the specific circumstances or other non-private information relevant to the identification of the party or to the situation. This information is basic and all commercially available Notary Record Books, Notary Record Logs, Notary Record Journals will accommodate this information.

As noted above, the notary journal is a valuable tool that protects notaries as well as their employers and the public. It is absolutely mandatory that every single notarial act be recorded, however, or the effectiveness of the tool can be negated. Notaries who frequently notarize for the same person may find ways to group a collection of documents, perhaps by file number or date, so that one validating signature can suffice for several related notarial acts performed on the same date. The Notary Section of the your Secretary of Stateís Office will assist notaries individually in determining appropriate ways of complying with the legal requirements and minimizing unnecessary redundancies.

How Do I Choose a Notary Journal?

When choosing a notary journal there are many different options to consider. Do you need a journal that is a Hard Cover Notary Journal or Soft Cover Notary Journal? If youíre a mobile notary you may want to choose one which is more rugged and durable. There are qualifications to purchase the right journal for the job, and it is best to read up on them before you make a purchase. Some states will have different requirements on record keeping of notarizations. What are the different headings in the notary journal you are considering and do they fit the requirements of the state you are a notary in? For example some states require a place to thumbprint the individual who is having the document notarized. Even if your state does not require a Thumbprint Notary Journal it may give you an extra comfort level in having clients provide their thumbprint. In case of a legal challenge this will positively identify the person who had the document notarized

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